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Container Drayage Overview

Container Drayage Transportation

Drayage is an integral service of the shipping industry, as most companies rely on intermodal short-haul logistics as an essential service. When the need to transport container cargo to and from rail yards, ocean & air ports, to another, or their final destination, usually as a shorter segment within the overall lifecycle of a logistics solution, each step is considered as drayage.

Key factors in identifying container drayage may include:

  • Drayage usually involves a short transportation or haul of goods which act as an “in-between” segment of your cargos journey
  • It can usually be completed in one shift as a container is brought along its path from one point to the next
  • These intermodal points may include warehouses, a border point, seaport, railway terminal, or airport
  • Most commonly found in drayage services, one will typically find both departure and arrival points to be within the same metropolitan area, unlike other forms of logistic services which deal in larger regional or national journeys.

Notably, the term drayage may also refer to the act of transferring a carton shipment from a truck to a train or freighter. When each stage is completed, shipping documents are then updated. Bravo logistics will always know where your shipment is at all times.

Full Truck Load Overview

Full Truck Load ( FTL)

When you have enough goods to fill an entire truck, or if you prefer a dedicated truck is assigned to your single shipment needs, Bravo Logistics will assist you from start to finish. Maximize shipping value of your solid, liquid or gaseous state load while minimizing impact on the environment through lower overall CO2 emissions by organizing and centralizing your shipping needs with our team of experts.

Bravo Logistics can assist you in creating efficiencies within your order logistics sector. The the proper forecasting, you can save your company both money and time, while simplifying your overall logistical stream of goods throughout the world.

We will help you:

  • Lower overall transportation costs
  • Reduce the number of total deliveries
  • Eliminate empty or wasted mileage
  • Lower your company’s total impact on the environment with reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduce the risk of damaged goods as a result of less overall travel for your product.

If your cost of transportation is a leading issue, our team of experts can assist you in creating the FTL solution which will work best for your company. We can organize and optimize certain truck / driver usage thus minimizing empty mileage between your transport locations.


Flat Bed / Step deck

When your shipment requires an open travel space, whether it be extra large or extra wide, Bravo has access to a complete fleet of various flat bed and step deck trailers to make sure your cargo gets to where it needs to go.

Most common flatbed and step deck trailers can hold up to 48,000 pounds and are usually between 48 and 53 feet long. While flatbeds offer a maximum height of 8 foot 6 inches, step deck trailers can offer an additional 20 inches of clearance making it a total of 10 foot 2 inches on standard models. For an even higher requirement the use of a double-drop flatbed trailer will allow for a maximum height of 11 foot 2 inches should your cargo require.

The standard width of any of these trailers is 8 foot 6 inches. Should you require more width, Bravo logistics offers a wide range of specialized / oversize load cargo services (read more below in our specialized section).


Expedited Services

Need it there “yesterday”? Bravo logistics has you covered with our elite expedited services. Fully featured, our team can make sure your cargo reaches where it needs to be as quickly as it needs to get there. Rest easy. We’ve got you from here...

If standard transit times are not quite going to cut it, then let the expediting experts handle your shipment. If you’re in a rush, call us now. We will make sure your logistical needs are handled. Period.


Specialized Oversize Project Cargo

No matter the size of your cargo, Bravo Logistics is ready to make sure your freight reaches its destination on time. With access to a full list of equipment including specialized air, heavy haul rail, multi-axel and tandem flatbeds, step deck and double drop trailers, barges B-Trains and trailers with up to 19 axels, there’s no challenge to great for us to handle for you.

When loads are too large or too heavy to be shipped using standard equipment, we will recognize the requirement and match you up with a solution to deliver your heavy haul or over dimensional cargo to its final point.

Very special attention is required when transporting items that are oversized / over-dimensional / overweight. Bravo logistics takes care in making sure the correct trucks, trailers and experienced drivers are utilized in making sure shipments are handled properly and carefully. We conduct regular site visits making sure all permits and special route plans are acquired, resulting in an efficient start-to-finish journey.


Specialized Military project Cargo

Bravo Logistics offers fully certified shipping solutions for military project cargo in Defence and Security sectors. Whether the transportation of dangerous / explosive goods is required and/or armoured vehicles are needed, Bravo logistics can deliver under tight deadlines at highly competitive rates.

Specializing in all size / types of transport requirements for sensitive clientele is what Bravo Logistics does best. Even if your project involves the lift and haul of heavy / oversized equipment, we stand on guard for all of your military project requirements.


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