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In many cases, it takes more than one mode of freight to get your load to where it needs to go. When the haul needs to reach an international destination, it may make fiscal sense to have a container moved from truck to rail, and back again. When used correctly, intermodal shipping can lower overall cost while lowering impact on the environment. For example; a railway, which uses less fuel than a truck transport could offer such a solution.

At Bravo Logistics, we can help you plan and execute the best possible scenario for your shipping needs.


Ocean freight services

International shipments by sea is a staple service for many industries, especially when your requirements have large loads heading to various destinations globally. Bravo Logistics caters to your needs with a vast network of major international ocean carriers, giving you access to every possible ocean option available. Whether you’re transporting Full Container Loads (FCL), or Less than Container Loads (LCL), we have the right vessel and timing solution for you. Ocean freight is ideal for larger manufacturing shipment needs such as vehicle transportation, heavy machinery, large garment / textile shipments, manufacturing machinery, and oversized / overweight cargo. Some of our options include:

  • 20 to 45 foot containers
  • Extra height and cube containers up to 40 feet tall
  • Refrigerated containers at 20 and 40 feet options
  • Various flat rack size options
  • Full Tanker or Container vessels
  • Crane equipped vessels
  • Roll on & off vessels
  • Tug & Barge
  • Ice class vessels.


Air freight services

Whether connecting to / from Drayage service as a part of a total shipment process, or as a long distance haul on its own, Bravo’s air cargo solutions play an integral part of the shipment process. That is why we have taken the time to help simplify the process for you. With improved efficiencies within the paperwork process, to digitizing tracking, to expedited processes at key port connections and hubs, we can ensure quick and effortless movement for your cargos journey from door to door. Just let us know what your specific requirement are and we will be happy to assist in creating the perfect solution for you.


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